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  •     We Envision    

    We think out of the box, innovate to change the world.    

  •     We Execute    

    We evolve through technology - technology to create revolution.

  • We Get Things Done

    Jaw dropping solutions - works that will inspire generations ahead.

  • Creative & Admiring
    We take missions from yesterday, vision for today and generate innovations for tomorrow.

    5G Softwares is a company with vision for technical enhancement, mission for innovative and creative services, promises to change life and society with the wave of new ideas and innovations. The mind with joyful and thoughtful processes materializes in creative, innovative and track changing solutions for the community and society.

  • Developmental & Demonstrative
    We develop visions, lead to innovations, creates solutions

    We specialize in developing solutions and softwares. We help you put your ideas into reality. Our development process is driven by innovation, dedication and expertise. The team of 5G Softwares is what you need when you are stuck and want to find a fix.

  • Ready for Launch
    We deliver solutions, makes realisation, and forms revolution

    We deliver solutions for the generations and the future. Our delivery comprises of strict quality parameters and testing. The effort towards this process of delivery makes the solution effective and useful towards meetings its goal.

We Offer

Challenge the thoughts of innovations, create the power of dream and realization

Mobile App Development

Mobile app development is our forte and we develop all kinds of apps specific to organizations, platforms and domains.


A game has the power of instantaneously changing moods of people. We create games, which makes you experience the addictive feeling of a game and drives you crazy.

Web Development

Our Web Development curriculum ranges from simply designing and developing a website to the complete services of Digital Marketing, SEO, Social Media integration and responsive solutions for hand held devices.


We believe in the act of sharing and we thus help people enrich themselves and grow towards their dreams by providing them specified trainings to accomplish their goals.


We help people as well as organizations to frame an end to end solution. The gap between the inception of an idea to a fully functioning relevant solution is filled by us through our unique consulting sessions.

Graphics and Creations

Graphics and designing defines the ambience and feel of a presentation or offering. We aim towards enhancing this particular feeling and provide an eye catching beautiful solution to our clients through the extensive skillset of our experts.


Where thoughts combine with technology

WOW Design

Changes color of life, transform ideas to realization.

  • WOW Design

    Changes color of life, transform ideas to realization.

  • Creative Programming

    Makes life changing experience, changes pattern.

  • Quality Code

    An approach for creating unique and powerful experiences.

  • Research

    Makes the goal more clear and visible.            

  • Training

    Creates larger than life experience, takes it to mankind.                        

  • An Idea

    Changes life, creates pattern, revolutionize society.


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A team that makes work a beautiful part of life.

  • Anthony Rodrigues CEO

  • Anthony Joshua Mobile Architect

  • Anthony Ashnault Sales Head


Life goes on by making every moment of the beautiful journey more creative and inspiring

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